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Journal Entry # 1

Well, here we are with the trip underway.  We got off to a rocky start after arriving in Florence.  We dipped our rear tires in the Pacific Ocean and then headed down the road.  We were just two miles into the trip and Celia lost control and had an accident. Some of the community helped us out by taking her and Tim to the hospital.  She came out with a concussion, some scrapes and bruises, but was okay.  We finished up that day late after waiting in the hospital.  Celia flew home the next morning to Milwaukee.  

Otherwise, our trip has been amazing.  The scenery has been spectacular as we bike through mountains, gorges, desert, and wooded countryside.  We have climbed three passes of about 4000 feet high each.  We have come to find that out that our favorite hills are down hills.  It is exhilarating to feel the bike reach speeds of thirty miles per hour and know that you worked for every minute of your descent.  We have covered 330 miles ish and have tires legs, butts, and bodies.  We hope our bodies become accustomed to this type of beating soon.

Our stays at night have been unique.  A couple of times we have stayed in city parks, other times in campgrounds, once in a farmers field, and tonight in houses of Redeemer Lutheran Church members in John Day OR.  I'm sure the locals think it is quite funny to see five guys shower under hoses, in sprinklers, and sit in icy rivers to ice their legs.  We love every minute of it. 

We are attempting to post pictures soon (they are not developed yet).  Our pictures should be amusing yet picturesque as we click at every person we meet, place we stay, and great view we see.  We will try to publish our journals when we return so you can get all the details, facts, and funny events of our extravaganza.  Watch this website for info and details regarding that.  We will write more when we have time and another on-line opportunity.  Until then, we'll leave you with our favorite quote so far: "We only lift our butts off the seat for two reasons, one is for railroad tracks, the other...

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