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Journal Entry # 2

After staying in John Day and being treated like kings we rolled out of town and headed towards Baker City.  We traveled 13 miles to Prairie City and then hit the first of three passes for the day.  Dixie Pass was quite a challenge, but nothing compared to McKenzie Pass.  But, by looking at the maps for the upcoming route we will get some challenging stuff yet.  I hope that we get in shape for it!!! 

Anyway, after the first pass, we came to Austin Junction, which is just that, a junction.  It is where Hwy 26 and 7 meet and there was a Bar/Grill, a convenience store, and a one pump gas station.  We ate some of the food we got at Prairie City and then took a hour nap in the shade on the pavement.  It was one of the best moments yet!!!  We then decided to push on another 34 miles to get to a campground, and if things went well we would go on to Baker City. 

Because we ran into construction on the way out of the third pass we had to go 10 mph down the hill instead of 30.  It was loose chip and gravel so we had to work to stay upright on the bike.  Tim almost lost it but thankfully was able to hang on.  Because of the slow travel we ended up being not able to get Baker City like we had hoped. 

So today we slept in and then headed the 20 miles to Baker City. We then ate like total champions and then bummed around town.  Tonight we found a hook up where we get to stay with some amateur radio people having a field day. So we are relaxing and enjoying the time off the saddle.

I am currently being asked to get off the computer so I must hang it up for now.  Hope all is well on your end of the monitor. 

Ride on...

Jason, Steve, Tim, Paul, Dan
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