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Journal Entry #3

"Two down, Eight to go." That about summed up our feelings as we finished the climb to 5,272 feet at Lolo Pass as we crossed over into Montana. The last couple days we have had nothing but an awesome time (as usual) with no major problems.

We saw our first rain the other day, and man did it pour. As Tim put it "You know it's raining when you look down and you appear to be more of a waterfall then a person." All of the water pouring off of us as we biked was amusing to us and made us think we were tough. Well, until we got cold later in the day and hid in a car wash to stay warm.

The next day was beautiful again, so we are back to big heat. As we head toward Yellowstone for the weekend of the fourth our bodies are beginning to grow tired as we have put in many long days. We are much awaiting short miles and the beauty of Yellowstone that is days away.

Yesterday we arrived in Missoula, Montana and as we gorged ourselves at a buffet for two hours we realized that we had to turn around and go back 8 miles to Lolo. Turns out the only reason the map goes to Missoula is to take you to the Adventure Cycling office. It was closed.

Paul broke a few spokes again the other day, but we think we fixed that problem by adjusting the way his bike is weighted. We have had a multitude of flat tires (I had two this morning before we left!) but all in all our bikes are in good shape and we are staying on top of the wheels. That is all for now.

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