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Journal Entry #4

3 July 2001

After attempting to dive into the tent to avoid the plague of mosquitoes that attacked us as we tried to camp in Twin Bridges, Steve, Tim, and I talked with our new friends John and Marilyn in the tent next door as we all fell asleep to the relaxing sound of mosquitoes facing the wonderful end due to a bug zapper....

Two days ago when we were staying in Jackson Montana we ran into a couple who is touring on a tandem bike on the Northern Tier/TransAmerican Route.  After chatting with them in the Jackson Hot Spring Lodge where we were both camping we headed to sleep looking forward to running into them again.  Turns out that in Dillon as Steve was getting his bike fixed they came past us and said hi.  We hoped to meet up in Twin Bridges where we both planned on spending the night but our paths crossed sooner.  To get away from the heat the 5 of us slept outside a movie theater for several hours.  Just as we were about to leave we ran into John and Marilyn again and decided to work as a team to bust out the last 28 miles to Twin Bridges.  Little did the 5 of us know that this was going to be one of the fastest rides we have been on.

After our 3 mile stretch we got in a draft line with John and Marilyn leading.  Despite the headwind the two of them pushed out six miles of 17mph plus.  As I was following I dreaded the time when they fell back as I knew that I would never be able to keep that speed up.  But surprisingly I did, along with everyone else.  About after an hour of this we stopped to enjoy some pizza that the Pizza Hut in Dillon let us take after we ate the lunch buffet and then headed into town.  Dan had us clocked at averaging 15.9 mph from Dillon to Twin Bridges.  For them that was typical -- for us it was unreal. 

When we left this morning we planned on leaving together, but unfortunately Dan is not feeling well currently.  He thinks it might be from the altitude as we have not seen the underside of 5,000 ft for two days now and have been exerting ourselves hard.  Who knows, but we didn't leave Twin Bridges till after 9:30 because he couldn't keep any food down.  Currently he is asleep in the lounge of an office building in "downtown" Sheridan.  Hopefully he will feel better soon and we can make it to Cambridge tonight to remain ahead of schedule. 

We are planning to arrive in West Yellowstone on the Fourth so we can enjoy the festivities and fireworks.  If things go well we should be able to pound out the 60 miles scheduled by 2:00 and enjoy the rest of the day.

The country is still beautiful, the people we meet are always nice, and the time we are having can't get much better.  Till next time...

Ride On...

Jason, Tim, Paul, Steve, Sick Dan 


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