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Journal Entry #5

17 July 2001...

It has been a long time since we last wrote, but it has been a long time since we have been in a decent sized city at a decent hour... Here is a brief and condensed recap.


--Left Sheridan, Dan feeling better after being intravenously being pumped with sugar water (just like Shane said) 
--Tim gets sick and throws up on the Historical Marker on the way to Virginia City.
--Virginia City is a cool ghost town, typical old western cowboy hang out
--House stay, well, kind at the Virginia City state housing with Scott and Lisa. All of us, all our bikes, all our gear, two beds, one 8x10 room... (Go look at your walk-in closet and you might be able to picture it.) Lesson for the day: Those who have the least tend to give the most.


--90+ mile day to West Yellowstone 
--Meet up with John and Marilyn for one last night, they figured out they need to bike 90+ miles/day for remainder of trip... (Good thing tandems go FAAASTER!)
--Cool fireworks.


--Bike 17 miles to Madison Junction, Yellowstone...Day off.
--Naps are good.


--Cool hot water things (Steve tells me they are called geysers and hot springs, I think they are hoses and bath tubs -- it is all relative...) 
--Cool big animals.
--Three passes... 
--Nice down hill (42 mph) leaving park
--Big hills in Grand Tetons...
--Better to see Parks and country on bikes cause it is slower...miss few details.

--Paul cuts toe on rock when startled by a bear...I mean dog, then cries about it till....well he still is...
--Feelings of great accomplishment and very vulnerable not being in a car... (animals have teeth, but worse yet old people driving BIG RVs)
--Feeling of accomplishment passed when we look at the next map and Hoosier pass of 11,543 ft.


--Missed package Leah sent cause it was Saturday. :( no cookies for Jason...
--Climbed second highest pass (9,658 ft) 
--Met Grandson of founder of Schwinn Bicycle, Bob Schwinn -- awesome guy, gave us free labor and food!!!
--Met several other bikers at campsite.
--Steve and Tim each had a Lumberjack at the Cowboy Cafe (a 1lb. burger) Both had desert afterwards...


--Biked 115 miles
--Steve, Paul and Jason blessed by U.S. Forest service by them giving each person two bottles of water and a gatorade when we were 5 miles to next water. Best part, it was cold -- Thanks Chad, Lance and Beth!!!
--Stayed with people at Sixth Crossing in SweetWater Station Wyoming, treated us awesome and gave us food!!!


--Biked 90 miles
--Met up with Adventure Cycling Group who is heading East also...It would be great to average 50 mile/day and have about one day off a week.... Oh well...
--Jason's back rack broke...needs a new support bracket


--Started late as Jason got new rack and Paul looked for a new wheel.
--Biked 15 miles on Interstate 80 -- felt kinda weird getting on the Freeway and going 20 mph (at best) when the limit was 75 mph, but it was the best shoulder yet!!
--Got hailed on. -- Not fun, no cover, heck no trees as far as you could see!!!! We toughed it out though, we ARE, "MEN" on Bikes!!! ;)


--Dan went wrong way, climbed extra pass and biked 16 extra miles
--Paul breaks more spokes (it happened in the previous days too, but that is pretty common so I didn't mention it) He has become better and faster at changing spokes then changing tires.
--Camped with Adventure Cycling -- again, they offered leftovers to us so that was awesome...


--Climbed slight pass, after rolling hills to Kremmling started climb to Hoosier Pass (11,543 ft)
--Biked 99.87 miles....Tim records 101.26 in his journal padding the stats just to say he did a century
--Stayed in hotel in SilverThorne as we got rained on-- again -- day 2 of 3


--Followed awesome bike trail to Breckinridge
--Paul gets new 36 spoke wheel installed.
--Meet up with Adventure Cycling again -- say farewells
--Start climb to Hoosier Pass
--5 miles in...Paul breaks new wheel.
--Erin gives Paul ride to Breck
--Shop gives Paul new wheel, will send old new wheel anywhere after fixing
--Rain day 3 of 4
--Steve says hi mom and we are #1
--Jason, Steve, Tim and Dan go on to Fairplay and wait for Paul.
--4 guys eat at Water Court party (we don't understand what it is either, but the food and beer was free and good!!!)
--Paul arrives in FairPlay safe and sound...time: 9:30 PM -- eh?!?
--enjoy fire, marshmallows, and banjo music with Duwayne and Tyra locals of FairPlay and fellow campers --good stuff.

14 July 2001

--Final Pass 9,000 some feet -- cakewalk...
--4,000 ft drop, 40ish miles, new land speed record...46 mph
--Rain day 4 of 5.
--Need we say more???

15 July 2001

-- Leave Canyon City, slight climb out
--Last down hill, new land speed record...47 mph...
--Coast to Peublo
--Great feeling of accomplishment and bittersweet enjoyment watching the majesty of the Rockies fade into the horizon.

--Stayed with Quenton and Joan in Ordway Colorado. They have an awesome house and were VERY generous people as they let us shower, cooked us dinner, allowed us to use the phone and sleep in their spare beds. (Pillows are neat!!) Before the night's end Quenton paid us a huge compliment and wished us the best. Still leaves an impact.
--People are the best part of the trip.

16 July 2001

--Hello Kansas.
--Hello care package from Leah -- cookies for Jason!!! Thanks!!
--Steve and Jason 140 miles
--Everyone else 200
--Welcome to the big time.

17 July 2001

--Steve and Jason catch up to the MOB in Ness City
--Swim in City Pool
--Steve and Jason write novel to catch up on Journal entries for web page
--Will eat much food as we will be BBQing...wish you were here...well, if you were bringing food that is...

Well, that is the last two weeks in a nutshell. We have really been noticing that we have become strong bikers alone and as a team. We often work together as a team to pound out the miles, but we also enjoy biking alone to think and reflect. It truly is beyond words, and can only be experienced. The sound of the wind, the hum of the tires, the smooth pavement and the endless miles of flat fields, and the white line that goes on past our sight allows for great thought and reflection. Good stuff. The smiles and friendly waves of the Kansas people are priceless just as the experience that we attempt to share with you. Take care, we miss you all. 28 days to go...If you listen closely you can hear the waves on Virginia Beach call our name...

Ride On,

Jason, Steve, Paul, Tim, Healthy Dan

"A picture is worth a thousand words, an experience...infinity."

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