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Journal Entry #6

26 July 2001

I don't have time for a long and detailed entry so bear with me. We are in Farmington Missouri right now and we are staying at St. Paul Church here. There is a youth house that we have taken over and the Pastor wives are making us supper!!! It is great to be able to hang out in a house and relax in air conditioning. It is pretty funny though because each person has taken over a different room and they are snoring away as I write this journal entry.

One big news item that I have though is a shocker. When we stayed at Tim's house in Friestatt, MO a couple days ago he decided that he had had enough. He took a bus from Springfield home and left us a note saying that it was because of money, a lack of desire to ride, and that he missed Celia. Tim, we miss your humor, but respect your decision and look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks. No one has the ability to make us laugh when we are tired and have low spirits like Tim could. The MOB is not the same any longer.

We have passed through the majority of the Ozarks and they were tough!!! The grades here are a lot tougher and steeper than the Rockies. Minus the burning feeling in every part of your legs while climbing the hills, it was like being on a roller coaster. As soon as you reach the top you are on your way back down the start going up all over again :( The hills are pretty incredible as I, Jason, broke my old land speed record of 47 by zooming down a hill and hitting 51 outside of Emminence. Shortly afterwards, my quads were screaming again.

Well, it is 5:00 and supper is being served at 6:00 and I need to shower and wash clothes so that is all for now.

With less than 1600 miles to go... Ride on...

Jason, Steve, Paul, Dan

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