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Journal Entry #8

2 August 2001

I know that no one is going to know what to do since we just wrote a couple days ago, but this is the benefit of being in more populated areas. I wouldn't go as far to say that this is a VERY populated area, but it IS more populated than where we have been in the past.

Chris and John continue to travel as part of the MOB. The turtle relocation program is going well, along with our efforts to make cattle leaner, with two extra people. In all seriousness the addition of personalities is awesome. Just as it surprised us that we all got along so well at the beginning of the trip, it surprises us that we all get along so well now that we have two more.

Last night we stayed in Berea, KY and finished another map. (Only two left!) When we got there John, Chris and I hung out at a coffee house across from the college campus. It was cool to be in that type of atmosphere again. While there we talked to some people who are students there and they filled us in on the happenings there. In the words of Ester, "If there isn't a party there isn't much to do in Berea." Ester worked at the coffee house and made a mean iced latte and hooked the three of us up nicely...Thanks! Two other ladies there attempted to help us find a place to stay for the night, but could only offer the straw shed that they were building over the summer. Because of the bugs they mentioned we opted against it. With Ester's advice we ended up staying under a pavilion near the soccer fields. It worked out well.

From here out we start to hit the Appalachian hills...yeah... (note sarcasm) Because of the horror stories that we have heard about people standing up trying to pedal up these hills we are all a little nervous, yet excited to pass through this final obstacle. It is amazing to think that tomorrow we will have only 9 days left before we must call the trip to an end. It seems like just yesterday the zip ties that were holding Tim's front rack on broke as we headed towards Eugene!

Man, what a great trip this has been...

Ride On...

Jason, Steve, Dan, Paul, Chris, John

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