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Quote of the Day:

Monday 13 August 2001

United States...check



Friday 10 August 2001

I was so dehydrated I peeda light yellow powder



Thursday 9 August 2001

Will ya'll get out of here before I rape yo!

-- Nyia, a lady we met outside of Mineral.


Tuesday 7 August 2001

This is my pornographic water shot...

--Donica Christianson (friend of Jason's from high school)


Friday 3 August 2001

This town (Chavies) looks like something out of a model train set.



Friday 3 August 2001

A picnic table is all you need to live...Table, Chairs, Bed and heck...if you have an extra sheet, a fort!



Thursday 2 August 2001

It's a pink blanket...I don't care if it gets all messed up!



Thursday 2 August 2001

Oh little spider why are you crawling on my underwear?



Wednesday 1 August 2001

Oh crap!! That road sucks! (we chuckle) NO! I'm serious!!!

--Julie Clay, a reporter for the Advocate Messenger.


Tuesday 31 July 2001

That's just ridiculous!

 --girl at a gas station referring to our trip.


Tuesday 31 July 2001

Shortcuts are good. It is like biking a long way, but only having to go a little bit!



Monday 30 July 2001

We should go chase those Amish girls! --John
How will we know where they live? --Jason
Just look for where the electricity stops!! --John


7-29-01, and 7-30-01 and 7-31-01 and 8-1-01, and 8-2-01...

Y'all got any food you wantin to throw away that we can take off your hands?



Sunday 29 July 2001

I was thinkin about hitchin up with you guys to mooch off the MoJo a little.



Sunday 29 July 2001

What there's no fireman's pole? I'm not staying here.



Saturday 28 July 2001

Kentucky...Where education pays. --Entrance sign to Kentucky

Yeah, right --MOB


Friday 27 July 2001

When you have the opportunity to go short and hills, versus long and flat... don't do it...



Wednesday 25 July 2001

Is it good or bad that your highlight for the day is three fruit pies for 99 cents...when you are riding across the United States???



Tuesday 24 July 2001

Picnic tables are great beds.



Wednesday 25 July 2001

The Rockies were easy.

--MOB as they pass through the steep grades of the Ozarks.


Tuesday 17 July 2001

The scenery isn't as nice but you can go farther and faster in Kansas.



Sunday 15 July 2001

If you are going to call us names at least slow down otherwise it sounds like AARRRUUMMMBBBTT!!!!!!



Saturday 14 July 2001

It is the most amazing feeling to  look back at the Rocky Mountains and say "I did that."



Friday 13 July 2001

Chain guards are good.



Saturday 7 July - July 1? 2001

Fueled by Hot Pockets.

-- Paul


Tuesday 3 July 2001

 "I wouldn't care if you were here, but I had a customer complain so there is a park down the road where you can lay in the shade." 

--A Postal Worker in Twin Bridges Montana as she kicked us out after lounging around in the shade cause Dan looked dying and homeless cause he was sick.


Monday 2 July 2001

"Tandems go FAAAASTER" 

--MOB with John and Marilyn


Sunday 1 July 2001

 "I never thought I would get used to wearing spandex in public"



"Rain is fun, until you get wet..."



"You can live on PopTarts."



Sunday morning, 24 June 2001

"Did anybody have any good dreams last night?"

--Shane Dawson, a biking hippie bum that tried to convince us to go to RainbowFest.


Saturday, 23 June 2001

"Every night you pull into a city thinking that this is where you want to spend the rest of your life, but when you wake up in the morning you can't wait to get out of town and back on your bike."

--This quote was told to the guys by a Brit who has biked on almost every continent.


From Darby

"It's rough having 4 home stay offers in the matter of one gas station."



Sunday, 17 June 2001

"You make me proud to be a lazy American!"

- Man at General Store in McKenzie Bridge


Saturday, 16 June 2001, just about 18 miles from Eugene OR

"Zip ties work great, but bolts are better."


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